RDFa 1.1 Distiller & JSON-LD

Ivan Herman recently posted a demonstration on the W3C blog of a new feature that he has added to the RDFa 1.1 Distiller. Herman writes, “Up to today, the possible serializations were RDF/XML, Turtle, and N Triples. Although not yet final, I decided to add a JSON-LD serialization, too, in spite of the fact that JSON-LD is not yet final either (it is under development by a W3C Community Group). However, adding this to the system it shows the potentials of this combination.”

Herman goes on to demonstrate said potential on a portion of code from schema.org. His example can be viewed here. Herman comments on his results, noting, “Of course, the generated JSON may be a bit more complex, e.g., if the original page contains other RDFa attributes generating other triples. But it still looks pretty readable to me.”

Image: Courtesy W3C