RDFa is Sweeping the Web

A new article by Peter Mika looks at the growing reach of RDFa and microformats on the web. The article includes a chart with information on the deployment of RDFa and other microformats across the web “based on an analysis of 12 billion web pages indexed by Yahoo! Search.” The analysis, which spans the last three years, is quite enlightening.

According to the article, “The data shows that the usage of RDFa has increased 510% between March, 2009 and October, 2010, from 0.6% of webpages to 3.6% of webpages (or 430 million webpages in our sample of 12 billion). This is largely thanks to the efforts of the folks at Yahoo! (SearchMonkey), Google (Rich Snippets) and Facebook (Open Graph), all of whom recommend the usage of RDFa. The deployment of microformats has not advanced significantly in the same period, except for the hatom microformat.”

The author, a repeat SemTech speaker, concludes: “These results make me optimistic that the Semantic Web is here already in large ways.” Learn more about what SemTech speakers have to say by checking out the full SemTech 2011 Conference Program.

[Editor's note: In the time since the original article referenced here was published, Facebook made this recent announcement, changing significantly the measurable adoption of Microformats.]

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ RambergMediaImages