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Reaching the Connected Customer with Big Data

By   /  February 12, 2015  /  No Comments

basket-weavingby Angela Guess

Leslie Dinham of Teradata recently wrote, “In the era of the connected customer, having a big data strategy to collect, store, organize and analyze the trail of deep customer data is critical to the delivery of timely, personalized customer interactions. Fortunately, with the right technology, infrastructure and analytics in place to unlock the full potential of this data, driving deeper engagement with your connected customers is anything but guesswork. Consider these 5 ways using big data analytics can help drive your connected customers’ experiences.”

First up: “Know more about your customers by finding ‘hidden’ big data insights. In the early days of big data, insights gleaned from email and website clicks re-shaped campaigns, initiated new ones, and led to more personalized experiences – often in the form of product recommendations. Now, new data types and more sophisticated tools, technologies and analytics can uncover deeper, more relevant customer insights, based on behaviors and fact-based predictions. The result is that marketing is able to move from speaking to large customer segments to a ‘segment of one’ and deliver highly targeted, relevant messaging and content – exactly what connected customers expect.”

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