Report from Day 2 at ISWC

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Juan Sequeda photo [Editor’s Note: This week, Juan Sequeda is reporting in from the International Semantic Web Conference in Bonn, Germany. See his other reports here:
Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 ]

Day 2 of ISWC consisted of 7 workshops and 3 tutorials. One of the most popular workshops was the Ontology Matching, which seems to be evolving to not only matching ontologies but also to matching instances, due to the rise of Linked Data. The Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems presented several works on RDF and NoSQL databases, such like cumulusRDF.

Other workshops included Knowledge Evolution and Ontology Dynamics, Ontologies come of Age in the Semantic Web, Semantic Personalized Information Management, Linked Science and Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering.

Additionally there were three tutorials: Scalable Integration and Processing of Linked Data (slides are online also), “But I did a user study!” vs “What do you mean I need a user study?” and Ten ways to make your semantic app addictive – revisited.

With such an options of workshops and tutorials, it was very hard to decide where to go. This is definitely a good sign!



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