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Robin Systems Paves the Way for Migration of Data-Heavy Enterprise Applications to Azure Cloud

By   /  July 19, 2018  /  No Comments

According to a recent press release, “Robin Systems, the leading container-based cloud platform for big data and databases, today announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to pave the way for 1-click migration of on-premise enterprise applications including all the application data and its state to get an identical live running application on Microsoft Azure. Robin offers a simplified and automated “lift-and-shift” transfer of RDBMS, NoSQL, and big data applications into Azure cloud by leveraging the Azure Data Box. Robin is designed from ground-up to define, deploy, and manage (scale, move, snapshot, clone, migrate) entire applications, not just the data volumes or file systems. Ankur Desai, Director of Products at Robin systems described in his blog the nature of this unique joint solution.  According to Ankur, the joint solution is going to open up possibilities for Microsoft customers and will help them migrate applications including data for data-heavy applications like MongoDB and Cassandra into the Azure Cloud. The joint solution eliminates significant pain points for customers who want to migrate data-heavy applications to the cloud.”

The release goes on, “Dean Paron, Director, Azure Storage at Microsoft commented on the blog, ‘We are excited about the collaboration with Robin Systems. This solution helps us migrate applications alongside data for Azure non-native applications like MongoDB and Cassandra into the Azure Cloud.’ Today migration of enterprise applications from on-premise to the cloud is a costly, time consuming and error-prone manual effort that involves saving and transferring only the application data to the cloud, re-configuring the on-premise application setup to work with cloud compute, network and storage APIs and then launching the application in the cloud. Microsoft and Robin Systems have worked together to automate this entire process by integrating Azure Data Box and Robin Cloud Platform.”

Read more at Globe Newswire.

Photo credit: Robin Systems

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