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Why the Role of the Data Scientist is Growing

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Kevin Casey of Information Week recently wrote, “Old-school organizations will fuel the next swell of data-driven initiatives in IT.”


Kevin Casey of Information Week recently wrote, “Old-school organizations will fuel the next swell of data-driven initiatives in IT. So what’s in store for the early movers and, specifically, their big-data professionals? How will the data scientist and similar roles evolve? ‘The role is becoming bigger,’ said Olly Downs, chief scientist at big-data analytics firm Globys, in a recent interview. By bigger, he means in every way — what was once a niche is now, at least in some companies, a driving force.”


Casey goes on, “That shift has been in progress for a while. Downs summarizes the history of the data scientist role, noting its roots in academia, then moving into corporate environments to solve ‘point problems’ — specific business challenges usually focused around a single data source — and later growing into entire teams or business units within a larger organization. Downs predicts data scientists and other data-intensive roles will be given greater responsibilities for driving product development, technology adoption and architecture, and other areas.”


He adds, “As for broader data trends, Downs points to two related items that should be on any IT pro’s radar: the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable technologies. Beyond the obvious, which is that a mainstream IoT and wearables will make big data even bigger, Downs notes that data-focused companies and individuals will need to manage ubiquitous location awareness and location context.”


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