RPI President Calls for Improved Data Analytics, Connectivity


According to a recent article out of RPI, "Universities must make new and innovative connections to harness the full power and potential of this data-driven era, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute President Shirley Ann Jackson said [Tuesday] in a keynote address at the Internet2 Global Summit in Denver, Colorado. Deriving 'insights from the massive amounts of web-based data that humanity is producing about itself, during the ordinary course of every day…. may be the greatest intellectual challenge and opportunity we all face in academic life,' President Jackson told the gathering of academic, business, and government leaders in the arena of information technology. 'Today, we analyze less than 1 percent of the data we capture, even though the answers to many of the great global challenges lie within this overabundant natural resource,' Jackson said. The challenge, she notes, is finding new ways to address the volume, velocity, variety, and veracity of the data."


Jackson reportedly said, “In this era of Big Data and Big Science, universities must serve as a crossroads for collaboration. They must model themselves on what I have defined as The New Polytechnic, using advanced technologies—in new ways—to unite a multiplicity of disciplines and perspectives. We must do this because, as we all know, the most important networks in discovery and innovation are human. But unlocking human potential depends not only on the technologies we put in place, but on how we are able to use them."


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Image: Courtesy RPI