Sabre Launches New Developer Portal Improving Access to APIs, Semantic Searches


Ingrid Lunden of Tech Crunch reports, "A month into its new life as a public company, Sabre is unveiling some new services to raise its profile with developers in a bid to grow its business through third parties. Today the travel data company is launching a new portal, the Sabre Dev Studio, which gives access to some 150 APIs, testing tools, documentation, prototypes and sample code, as well as a new set of APIs focussed on e-commerce and semantic searches. The developer portal — with code mostly developed by Sabre itself, but with the portal built by Mashery — is a first for Sabre: The company says it will be the first time that it’s brought together a lot of these services into one accessible place."

Lunden continues, "The move comes amidst a lot of changes afoot at Sabre and the wider travel industry. Sabre itself has been trying to streamline its business in the wake of an IPO that valued the company at less than the $5 billion private equity firms had paid in the past to buy it out. It has been in the midst of a restructuring that has involved layoffs, outsourcing parts of its IT operations and more. But in a landscape where a lot of companies these days are providing free APIs to grow their audience, Sabre is taking a more conservative, bottom-line approach. Its APIs, by and large, will remain commercial."

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 Image: Courtesy Sabre