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Santa Uses Attivio for Big Data Challenges, Says Attivio

By   /  December 18, 2012  /  No Comments

Printby Angela Guess

Sharing some holiday cheer and promoting their Big Data products at the same time, Attivio recently shared some “news” from the North Pole: “Frustrated by a lack of insight and integration from elves on the shelves worldwide, Santa has deployed the Active Intelligence Engine® from Attivio to better understand children’s behavior and pinpoint who is really naughty or nice this holiday season. By ingesting information in all shapes and sizes from millions of sources worldwide, Santa can look at structured data like school report cards, chore charts and detention records alongside unstructured content like texts sent after lights out and unauthorized screen time, to get the whole story on little Nel and little Will.”

The article continues: “‘Rudolph may guide Santa’s sleigh, but Big Data is driving it,’ said Senior North Pole Technology Analyst Albert I. Elf. ‘Santa’s had to rely on his gut for a long time, which possibly explains his wide girth. With Attivio, he can easily analyze all related information as it comes in to make smarter, real-time naughty or nice decisions and significantly impact production and distribution at the North Pole.’ ‘Santa’s elves are extremely hard working and great at gathering information,’ said a North Pole spokesperson. ‘The struggle is tying it all together to make faster and more informed decisions. Santa doesn’t just want to know that Nel’s grades have slipped, he wants to know why she is falling behind. That kind of insight doesn’t come from one source. It takes a village to gather naughty or nice intelligence, and an engine like Attivio to analyze it’.”

photo credit: Attivio

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