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Saplo Releases a Language Independent Text Analysis API

By   /  June 1, 2011  /  No Comments

Saplo, a Swedish semantic web start-up has released a new text analysis API.

Saplo, a Swedish semantic web start-up has released a new text analysis API. The tool “should help developers build tools to tap into the company’s semantic technology platform. This should allow people to build their own personalization or recommendation apps based on contextual meaning rather than solely on tags or keywords. The API offers access to 5 different services: entity tagging, topic tags, related and similar articles, contextual recognition, and sentiment analysis.”

Saplo CEO Mattias Tyrberg stated, “You can create a resource for a user and, based on what they have liked or shared, recommend other users with the same interest that they should follow. In this way it is possible to find things that usually don’t appear in your social graph but is still highly relevant for you.”

The article continues, “Saplo’s API is language independent and new languages can be set up automatically. Currently English and Swedish are in production, but Saplo says it has customers who’ve used both Danish and Polish for their recommendations. ‘All we need is a large set of texts for the language (e.g. Wikipedia articles) to make the initial setup,’ says Tyrberg, ‘and then of course someone who knows the language that can evaluate the results being produced.’ In addition to the new functionalitly in Saplo’s API, there are a number of improvements to the documentation and to the libraries.”

Image: Courtesy Saplo

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