Scope Launches New Version of ConSCIse

Scope eKnowledge Center has announced " the launch of Version 1.3 of its unique ConSCIse solution for generating abstracts and keywords for scholarly literature such as books, book chapters, journal articles, patents, conference proceedings, clinical summaries and other documents. ConSCIse automatically extracts keywords from the document based on sophisticated and appropriate statistical and linguistic rules. Based on the extracted keywords, ConSCIse then extracts sentences from the document to form the abstract. This proprietary technology has been developed based on an analysis of the common traits of effective abstracts of unstructured documents from Scope’s extensive experience."

The article notes, "Version 1.3 significantly enhances automation of keyword identification and sentence extraction from text-rich documents. Additionally, this version of the ConSCise solution has been further configured to effectively process social sciences and humanities content. Tram Venkatraman, Scope’s President, commented, 'Scope’s subject matter experts (SMEs) have done extensive pre-testing of the solution in concert with a major scholarly publisher of books in a wide variety of social science and humanities domains. Our proprietary algorithms have been refined accordingly, and ConSCIse is now able to generate high-quality abstracts and keywords for social science and humanities content as well'."

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Image: Courtesy Scope