Scope Launches SemantiCz™, a Content Enrichment Solution for Better Discovery


A new release out of Scope announces, "Scope e-Knowledge Center (Scope), a leading provider of knowledge services and a Quatrro Global Services company, is pleased to announce the launch of its content enrichment solution SemantiCzTM. Combined with the foundational building blocks of abstracts from the ConSCIse™ platform and ontology from the diSCOver™ platform, SemantiCz will now form a powerful trio of platform-based services from Scope designed to serve as content enrichment and discovery solutions to help publishers and online information providers."


The article continues, "Scope has developed SemantiCz to meet the increasing demand for semantic enrichment of content that could transform the existing search and retrieval interfaces of publishers into knowledge discovery platforms. SemantiCz is a platform-enabled service that extracts entities and concepts from text and relates these with other concepts and entities to enable intelligent content discovery and linkages across content. Text classification and controlled vocabulary-based semantic tagging help to generate these relationships with precise, subject-specific contextual accuracy. Scope’s in-house team of subject matter experts (SMEs) curate and validate the platform output, and also continuously update the knowledge framework for new concepts, entities and relationships. The service is highly scalable, customizable to accommodate clients’ unique needs, and cost effective as it relieves clients of implementation and ongoing curation costs through a completely outsourced, semi-automated service."


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Image: Courtesy Scope