SD Unveils Enterprise-ready Version of the Open Semantic Framework


Coralville, Iowa (PRWEB) January 20, 2014--After five years of development, the last twenty months in quiet mode supported by clients, Structured Dynamics (SD) today released a new enterprise-ready version of its open-source Open Semantic Framework (OSF). "This new version 3.0 finally establishes the baseline foundation we set for ourselves five years ago," said Frédérick Giasson, SD's CTO.


OSF is a turnkey platform targeted to enterprises to bring interoperability to their information assets, achieved via a layered architecture of semantic technologies. OSF can integrate information from documents to Web pages and standard databases. Its broad functions range from information ingest to tagging to search and data management to publishing.


[See SD CEO Mike Bergman's article on OSF 3.0]


Until today, the version available for download was OSF version 1.x. SD was hired by Healthdirect Australia (HDA) nearly two years ago to enhance OSF's capabilities and integrate it more closely with the Drupal open-source content management system, among other enterprise requirements. "Structured Dynamics proved an excellent partner able to challenge preconceived ideas while establishing a fantastic grounding for semantic enablement of our content platforms using their deep knowledge and thought leadership in content management, semantic organisation and search," said Bruce Haefele, Chief Architect, HDA.


The OSF from those developments -- the non-public version 2.0 specific to HDA -- has now been generalized for broader public use with today's public announcement of version 3.0.


[Read the updated OSF Wiki.]


"The Open Semantic Framework has evolved considerably since its inception," said Michael Bergman, SD's CEO. "In the release of 3.0 we have done much to clean up the terminology and nomenclature, especially on our 500 document technical wiki on OSF," he said. "It has been a pretty massive undertaking to update the code, documentation, and schematics with this new release, but it has been worth it. We believe the current offering finally meets enterprise standards."


OSF (and all of its tools) is freely available for download. See the OSF site ( to learn more.


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Image: Courtesy SD