Seevl Accepted to Dogpatch Labs Incubation Centre

Conor Harrington of Galway Independent reports, "A spin-out company from NUI Galway’s Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) has been accepted into the prestigious incubation centre, Dogpatch Labs, which has its European headquarters in Dublin. Seevl, is a music discovery tool which contextualises users’ music listening experience online and then allows them to discover new music, and is designed to benefit both those who listen to and who create music. It was founded two years ago by two researchers at DERI, Dr Alexandre Passant and Julie Letierce, taking on a third employee last year."

Harrington continues, "All three current Seevl employees will now take up residence at Dogpatch Europe, which is located at The Warehouse, 35 Barrow Street, Dublin. There, the company will be provided with free office space and infrastructure, as well as having access to a wealth of mentoring and networking experience. The idea is that start-ups enter the incubation centre, benefit from the networking experience and gain exposure to potential investors. Dogpatch Labs was founded by US venture capital firm Polaris Ventures and now has four locations, in California, New York, Massachusetts and, since, 2011, Dublin."

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Image: Courtesy Seevl