Semantic Advertising at Facebook

Colin Jeavons of Media Post reports, "Social networks hold a bounty of consumer information, and features like Facebook’s Graph and hashtags, when combined with semantic search technology, will make it possible to unearth new connections and micro-target ad campaigns. There’s over 2.5 billion content items -- over 500 terabytes of data -- added to Facebook’s databases each day, including over 2.7 billion 'likes.' The introductions of Graph Search and hashtags to Facebook have generated waves of excitement among advertisers and marketers to tap into that data. Facebook’s marketing potential has increased dramatically."

Jeavons continues, "Graph Search is intended to make it much easier for Facebook users to locate people, photos, and videos. But it’s now possible for marketers to search across the collective network of over a billion worldwide users to identify common opinions, 'likes' or interests. The results will be different depending upon the preferences of individuals within any given social circle – or, in all probability, market segment. It’s possible to 'ask' the Graph what the best pizza in New York is, or to locate individuals living within the East Village who are vegans. Research shows that vegans are more likely than others to try new things, so the upside for businesses is evident."

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Image: Courtesy Facebook