Semantic Case Study: EPIM ReportingHub

On Tuesday the E&P Information Management Association (EPIM) launched EPIM ReportingHub (ERH), an interesting semantic technology project in the field of oil and gas. According to the project website, ERH is "a very flexible knowledgebase for receiving, validating (using NPD’s Fact Pages and PCA RDL), storing, analysing, and transmitting reports. The operators shall send XML schemas for DDR, DPR and MPR to ERH and ERH sends DDR and MPR as XML schemas to the NPD/PSA and all three reports as PDF to EPIM’s License2Share (L2S). The partners may download all three reports and/or any data from one or more reports through flexible queries. Some parts of ERH will be in operation already in November 2011 and the rest as soon as the authorities and the industry are ready for it. ERH is owned and operated by EPIM."

The website notes, "The objective of EPIM is to utilize and make available IT solutions that facilitate the best possible flow of information between any and all of its users, these being relevant authorities and licensees in exploration, production and transport licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.  Participants are operators of exploration permits, production and transport licenses and of joint ventures involved in activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf."

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Image: Courtesy EPIM