Semantic Search Company SYL Semantics Tackles Government Big Data

Randal Jackson recently reported how New Zealand company SYL Semantics is helping governments tackle Big Data with semantic search. Jackson reports, "SYL has signed up three government departments so far, but [chief executive Sean] Wilson says he is not allowed to name them at this stage. That's not bad going for a company which was launched less than a year ago… SYL has a New Zealand patent for its technology and is applying for a US patent. Wilson describes SYL Enterprise Search as the next generation of enterprise search applications."

Wilson commented, "It uses semantic technology to create a smarter search experience by understanding the meaning of what the user is looking for and using similar or related search terms to identify the relevant documents. The system learns over time to provide more relevance in less time. We call this intelligent enterprise findability." Jackson notes, "Custom technology is supported, including dictionaries and industry terms (such as the acronyms used by the military and police). Content can be federated across content repository boundaries such as the web, intranet, email or a CRM system for single enterprise search results."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ AdrianAesthetic