Semantic Search is the Future of Marketing

droidsDaniel Newman of Forbes recently wrote, “Businesses today are largely online and they have in droves taken their web presence from where it was a few years ago which was likely an “Online Brochure” to some type of second generation website that considers trends such as social media, content marketing, and of course search engine optimization. The reason we as business owners do all of this isn’t because we love technology (not all of us, at least), but rather because we know that people are doing more and more of their research about what they want to buy, and who from, online.”

Newman continues, “Why are we online? Really? In the modern age of the web, we have reached a point where business, social, intelligence and emotion are all intertwined. While our business presence and our personal presence may have great disparity, our existences are largely captured online and the way we interact with the web are completely intermingling with how we market our businesses online. In essence, we have reached the point where the web is no longer about filtering search results; rather it is complex, emotional and intelligent.

He goes on, :Today the web is being filtered in a new way, in a way that has us asking questions much like we would over the course of a civilized conversation.In a world where our queries are more tan “Thing, Location” we need to be able to get answers that tell us not just who, what, when, where and how; but why. This is the semantic web, where search results are driven by more than just how keywords are stacked on a page or even by how many inbound links you have, but rather how socially engaged your site is and by how well you contextually provide relevant information to match a search query.”

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Stefan