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Semantic Search: Trends, Uses, and the Future

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Barbara Starr of Search Engine Land recently discussed how search engines and social engines are incorporating semantic search.

Barbara Starr recently discussed on Search Engine Land how search engines and social engines are incorporating semantic search. She writes, “The term ‘Semantic Search’ is certainly not new. However, it has taken on a new dimension and implications in both search and social engines today. In addition, it has had a strong impact on targeted semantic advertising. This special series of forthcoming articles on semantic search will take a look at the history behind the development of semantic technology and why it has now become so commercially viable and topical. It will also take a look at how the technology enables “answer engines,” rather than simple search engines, to improve the user experience.”

She continues, “For the purpose of ‘Semantic SEO,’ we will refer primarily to the concepts associated with the Semantic Web and the adoption thereof by Google and the other major search and social engines. I’m referring to the ontologies or vocabularies being used − which encompasses the semantics or concepts − and the syntax defined in metadata with on page structured markup. Semantic Search, as it is used in current parlance is essentially the notion of using or exploiting metadata to improve search on documents. In the case of search engines, it more explicitly refers to embedding metadata in HTML5 (using semantic markup, the formats or HTML5 syntax currently supported by the search engines: RDFa Lite and microdata).”

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Image: Courtesy Search Engine Land

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