Semantic Start-Up B-Sm@rk Gives Users 32 Ways to Express Themselves

A new Dublin-based start-up called B-Sm@rk promises a semantic tagging tool that allows people “to register instantly how they feel about and react to a product, event, web content or brand.” According to the article, “The company claims its first product MySmark is five times more effective than the now-familiar ‘Like’ button on sites such as Facebook because it makes the user’s interaction with the content more personal and accurate. MySmark is a coloured, personalised smart wheel that allows people to leave one-click smarks, or ‘smart marks’, on a website, in an app or on a social network page. People can calibrate their feedback, leaving up to 32 different tags based on their emotions and moods.”

The article continues, “’It is very easy for our customers to integrate MySmark in their content and very easy and interactive for the users to access a brand new vocabulary to express their experience,’ says B-Sm@rk’s chief executive Nicola Farronato. The company plans to earn revenues through a combination of product licensing and technical services, since implementing the smart mark will involve some customisation. The start-up is currently in discussions with several Italian fashion, food and entertainment brands and is close to announcing its first customer.”

It goes on, “Some of Ireland’s advantages as a location were very specific to B-Sm@rk’s needs, since academic groups here had been working in areas such as sentiment analysis, semantic computing and computer science. ‘From a technical point of view it was triggered by what’s going in education and research in Ireland,’ says Mr Farronato, who already had connections with NUI Maynooth and NUI Galway’s DERI research group. The company has also formed links with Waterford Institute of Technology. While B-Sm@rk initially intends to tap into its founders’ home country for customers, it is also looking to the UK and US where marketing is more highly developed. ‘As a gateway either to the UK or US markets, Ireland is a strategic place to be,’ he says.

Image: Courtesy B-Sm@rk