Semantic Tech Development: The European Edge

A blogger from the IKS Project recently wrote a response to our own Jennifer Zaino's article, "On What Shores Will Semantic Tech Be Better Commercialized?" The author opined, "EU funded projects like LOD2 and IKS do represent a significant edge for companies that are ready to take advantage of Big Data; the problem is… how? These large European-funded projects had contributed with a great wealth of open-source technologies but, we know from the experience acquired in the last two years, that implementation costs are a blocking point for small to medium enterprises. Now rather than getting lost in the hidden traps of Semantic Tech, let’s get an overview of what can be really done to increase the competitiveness of European companies and why it is worth our attention."

Points that the author lists include: "(1) from our direct experience Big Data can transform social media streams into relevant facts helping companies making better decisions, improving their online reputation and finding new leads; (2) content marketing, social media optimisation along with Semantic SEO can also prove extremely beneficial for business that want to promote their product and services in a consistent way across all channels; (3) content discovery is another great feature semantic tech can provide to boost an online experience over web or mobile – increasing the time spent on a site in most cases provides advertisers with a much better ROI."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Albertane