Semantic Technology Can Make Our Phones Even Smarter

Google Hummingbird

Ron Callari of InventorSpot recently wrote, "In the foreseeable future, search on smartphones will allow for intuitive logic not just text-matching based on keywords. But what will our smartphones offer in the Web 3.0 world of Semantic Technology, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things? Semantic search is already being addressed by the major search engines and social networks to understand the intent of the user. All the major players are competing for dominance of semantic computing because it's been identified as the solution to the demanding needs of big data."


He continues that Google, "the Granddaddy of search engines seems to be outpacing the competition with its reengineered algorithm, Hummingbird. Focused on mobile browsing and communication across multiple devices, Hummingbird, fueled by the Big G's Knowledge Graph has been developed to understand the relationship between words and phrases. Google Search will no longer rely on keywords in silos, but rather the interconnectivity of those words – what’s being termed ‘intuitive search.' "


Callari goes on, "In tandem with the scientific advancement of search, Web 3.0 has also spawned Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things, where both will expand beyond today’s novelty stage to become an essential part of our everyday lives. While AR enhances the real world we view with overlays of descriptive data, the Internet of Things will connect us to our physical objects and devices with embedded technology permitting us to communicate and interact with our things at home and in the office remotely."


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Image: Courtesy Google Hummingbird