Semantic Tech’s Role in Travel in 2024


Amy Plitt of the Daily Traveler reports, "Travel-booking website Skyscanner partnered with 56 experts, including researchers from Google and Microsoft, as well as UK consulting firm The Future Laboratory, to determine what the future of travel might look like. The company released its findings this week, and unsurprisingly, emerging technology will make traveling both easier and more intuitive. The first part of the report focuses on planning and booking trips. According to the experts surveyed, one of the biggest changes will be the development of 'Digital Travel Buddies,' virtual companions that will guide you through every step of the process and help you once you’re on your trip. (Think Apple’s Siri, but way better at knowing what you want before you want it.)


Plitt continues. "Another advancement: virtual-reality capabilities, which will make it easier to preview a hotspot before you decide to visit. (The report describes wearing a headset that will 'produce an experience similar to watching a never-ending IMAX screen.' Groovy.) Finally, semantic search technology will be able to use preferences from your social-media accounts, past Amazon purchases and more to help personalize your searches and results."


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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Moyan_Brenn