Semantic Web Company and punkt. netServices Merge

A new article reports that punkt. netServices and Semantic Web Company have merged. The article states, “The long lasting expertise in developing, programming and integrating linked data technologies of punkt. netServices and Semantic Web Company’s consulting expertise have merged under the resulting label Semantic Web Company.”

The article adds, “In 2004 Semantic Web Company was founded as a spin off of punkt. netServices to bring the semantic web and linked data technologies closer to the needs of companies, consumers and the government sector. We have done a lot of basic research those past years, as well as project-pioneering with prospective customers and partners. Finally we have consolidated our knowledge and skills in that field. What was avantgarde in 2004 now has become bleeding edge technology in present days. A good moment to join efforts and bring together the two sisters.”

It continues, “With the new Semantic Web Company, you can count on a team of 20 experienced experts from the areas of knowledge management, enterprise software architecture, search engines, collaboration software, agile web development and – last but not least – the semantic web. We are a powerful partner when it comes to realise enterprise-ready solutions.”

Image: Courtesy Semantic Web Company