Semantic Web Jobs: 80 Legs & KMi

80 Legs is looking for a Systems Operations Engineer and a Data Engineer in Houston, TX. A qualified candidates for the Systems Operations Engineer position “Takes on the challenge of understanding and monitoring a complex, high-performance back-end infrastructure. Is constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of back-end operations and make monitoring those systems more efficient. Has a combination of development and systems experience.” The Data Engineer candidate “Understands and has experience with big data technologies (e.g., NoSQL, Hadoop). Has a solid understanding of data structures. Gets excited when working with unfathomably large data sets and computational challenges they present.”

KMi is looking for two more Research Assistants to work on “developing of generic and reusable added-value services for accessing, processing, analysing and deriving new information and knowledge out of the existing data and services on the Web. The services developed will be exploited in two specific domains in the context of the EU-funded projects NoTube and VPH Share. In NoTube, the focus will be on personalising the creation, distribution and consumption of TV content. In VPH Share the objective is to develop a platform for exposing, sharing, combining, processing, and analysing large quantities of clinical data.” These positions are in Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom.

Image: Courtesy 80 Legs