Semantic Web Jobs: IBM

IBM is looking for a Research Staff Member – Semantic Analysis and Integration in Hawthorne, NY. According to the post, “The Semantic Analysis and Integration Department at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center is seeking Research Staff Members on to work on research and applications of intelligent human language technologies. The project focuses on developing general and reusable Question Answering(QA) systems to achieve reproducible high-performing results for open-domain and specialized-domain question answering.”

The post continues, “This project offers the opportunity to work with more than 30 IBM researchers with backgrounds in NLP, IR, ML, KR&R, and DB across multiple IBM research labs, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with our university partners. Our lab has access to large compute resources and a large variety of NLP, IR and KR&R component technologies. We are investing heavily in the hardware, software and machine learning infrastructures necessary to scale this research to the next level.”

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Image: Courtesy IBM