Semantic Web Jobs: ISS

ISS is looking for a Web Services/Infrastructure Developer in Colorado Springs, CO. The post states, “The focus of this work is on the development of back-end services infrastructure, including web services, to support the core technology baseline used across multiple programs at ISS. You will be expected to understand and integrate technologies including relational databases, graph databases and other non-relational data stores, data mining and machine learning algorithms, Semantic Web technology, and information retrieval (including text indexing and analytics), among other technologies. This position is in the corporate R&D group responsible for developing new concepts, prototypes, and defining product roadmaps within ISS.”

Qualifications for the position include: “Minimum of 4 years of Java for applications development. Experience in Java and Scala application development. Knowledge of XML, WSDL, SQL and RDBMS, JavaEE containers, REST; other web standards preferred. Data mining/OLAP experience. Solr/Lucene experience. Hadoop and large scale computing technologies. Cassandra, other open source NoSQL solutions. JavaEE web services development experience.”

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Image: Courtesy ISS