Semantic Web Jobs: OrangeDog

Semantic startup OrangeDog is looking for an OWL/SPARQL /RDF Semantic Expert in Los Angeles, CA. According to the post, “We are looking for an expert in semantic technologies -- OWL, RDF, SPARQL, SWRL etc. Your role will be threefold. First, to act as a technical consultant for the other engineers in the team ensuring that all our products and code meet the technical requirements of such semantic technologies. Second, to develop innovate applications of reasoning, rules, etc. for new products. And finally, to potentially develop a new OWL reasoner (we have some applications in mind where current OWL reasoners are not ideal).”

The post continues, “It would be a plus if you were in the US as it makes collaboration a bit easier, but it isn't necessary. We have worked with distributed teams before -- takes effort and care but definitely doable, especially for the right person.” The company is looking for a candidate with “deep expertise in semantic technologies, specifically reasoners, rules systems, etc.”

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ mistermundo