Semantic Web Jobs: Qualcomm

Qualcomm is looking for an Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning Engineer in San Diego, CA: “QUALCOMM Corporate R&D has a mission to advance wireless and mobile communications to create compelling user experience with next generation mobile devices. We seek a Systems Engineer with demonstrable knowledge and experience in artificial intelligence, reasoning, semantics and natural language processing. We expect our systems engineers to keep up to date and understand technological advances in areas directly and indirectly related to mobile and wireless systems and devices and channel those trends toward enabling new applications. To that end, the responsibilities include developing new system architectures, algorithms, protocols, standards and implementation.”

Qualifications for the position include, “Strong expertise in knowledge representation, reasoning and learning is required. Experience in probabilistic reasoning, temporal reasoning, semantic reasoning and bringing these techniques together is of great interest. Experience dealing with heterogeneous, probabilistic data streams and design of stream reasoning solutions is also desired. Additionally, application of mixed initiative techniques to involve the user in the learning is a plus as well.”

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Image: Courtesy Qualcomm