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Semantic Web Jobs: Synergy Intel Group

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Synergy Intel Group is looking for a Software Engineer in Riverside, MD.

Synergy Intel Group is looking for a Software Engineer in Riverside, MD. The post states, “TE2 Enterprise Data Modeling software engineering effort will focus on the development and maintenance of software tools within the Enterprise Data Modeling tool environment. Primarily, the TE2 Enterprise Data Modeling software engineer will be responsible for developing and maintaining the EDM website architecture and web applications used within the EDM web architecture: EDM Products Tool – used to maintain the data model web pages within the EDM site, Enterprise Data Dictionary (EDD) – a data element dictionary (DED) lookup tool.  These tools are currently being developed using a J2EE framework, JAX-RS REST services, with JBoss, Servlets/JSP, JSF, JDBC and XML/XSLT.”

It continues, “In addition, the TE2 Enterprise Data Modeling software engineer is responsible for learning and understanding the Autogen tool, a key piece of software in the EDM tool environment.  The Autogen custom code is used to generate physical schemas or data exchange formats automatically from the Physical Data Models (PDMs) derived from the Enterprise Logical Data Model (ELDM) using our Model Methodology 3 Modeling Language, an ontological specialization of the Unified Modeling Language (UML).  Physical schema outputs include XML Schema Documents (XSDs), Data Definition Language (DDL) files, Resource Description Framework Schemas (RDFS), and Google Protocol Buffers.  Future supported output formats could include Web Ontology Language (OWL), Apache Avro, and Java POJOs.”

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Image: Courtesy Synergy Intel Group

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