Semantic Web Jobs: The Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is looking for a Digital Library Repository Developer. According to the post, "The successful candidate will implement, develop upon, and maintain the core technical infrastructure for a digital object repository and library system that will be used by Massachusetts libraries, archives, historical societies, and museums to store and deliver digital resources to users across the State and beyond."

Qualifications for the position include: "A minimum of 4 years experience of significant development experience in an object oriented environment such as Ruby, Python, or Java. Strong working knowledge of XML/XSLT. Demonstrated familiarity with image, audio, video, and text file formats - especially as they relate to digital library standards, encoding/decoding/transcoding, and related metadata schemas. Demonstrated familiarity with semantic web/RDF components such as SPARQL, FOAF, and OWL. Demonstrated familiarity and comfort working with various operating systems such as UNIX/Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. Significant experience working in LAMP and/or WAMP stacks, preferably on virtualized and/or cloud-computing platforms."

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Image: Courtesy Boston Public Library