Semantic Web Jobs: University of Colorado, Boulder

The University of Colorado, Boulder is looking for a Professional Research Assistant: Database and Semantic Web Developer in Boulder, CO. According to the post, "National Science Foundation funded project called Biological Science Collections Tracker will use semantic web approaches to develop an infrastructure for tagging and tracking scientific collections and all of their derivatives. In order for BiSciCol to fulfill its mission, scientific collections data and downstream data products such as sequences, genomes, images, etc. need to be brought into a semantic web framework, which presents a set of technological and social challenges."

It continues, "The BiSciCol project is recruiting a semantic web and database developer with working knowledge of global unique identifiers, and their implementation within and across databases and data aggregators. We are looking for a database and semantic web developer who will work with our large, distributed team and interact with the scientific collections community to help overcome impediments with assigning global unique identifiers and creating triple stores for scientific collections data. The right person will be a database expert who must also work closely with a dynamic team of biologists, developers, and information scientists. Therefore, some background in biology and/or experience with biological database development is preferred (but not strictly necessary)."

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Image: Courtesy Boulder