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Semantic Web Jobs: Zynx Health

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Zynx is looking for a Data Architect in Los Angeles, CA.

Zynx is looking for a Data Architect in Los Angeles, CA. According to the post, “The Data Architect at Zynx will apply semantic technology and algorithms and work with  modeling tools and  Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) in order to develop innovative solutions which improve cost and quality outcomes around the delivery of Clinical Decision Support content and services.” Responsibilities include: “Own the overall data models that drive the company’s products. Define the scope of enterprise and domain ontologies based on business requirements. Design and develop best practices and guidelines to develop, validate, use, maintain, and extend the ontologies. Provide expertise in designing and developing ontology-driven applications. Elucidate the value of semantic technologies and applications to alternative approaches to non-technical management.”

Qualifications for the position include: “Masters degree in computer science, information science or related field with 8 years of data modeling/architecture or other relevant experience. 3 years’ applied experience in semantic/ontological technologies with proven success. Substantial experience with: Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), S10000D, or related standards. Semantic web standards and tools – RDF/OWL, SPARQL, SWRL, Pronto, Cyc, Mulgara, Pellet, Jena, Protégé/TopBraid, etc. Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) such as IAXIASOFT, Trident SDL, Siberlogic, Vasont, etc.”

Learn more and apply here.

Image: Courtesy Zynx

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