Semantics in Customer Service

The Cogito team has been working on applying semantic technologies to customer service operations. The team writes, “We’re proud to announce our work with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications groups. Working with technology partner Assist, we’re using our Cogito Answers semantic platform to provide SMS based customer service that is now successfully handling more that 500,000 SMS requests each month. When a user sends an SMS to the system—“how much will I pay for calls to London?”—Cogito Answers interprets and categorizes the request and quickly retrieves the answer from the internal knowledge base.”

The article continues, “We’re seeing similar adoptions of our technology in public administration, and especially in the financial sector. In our last webinar, ‘Using Semantic Technology to Transform Customer Support,’ we heard from attendees across several industries who are interested in semantic technology, but they ask: Who hosts the solution? How long does it take to integrate new content? What happens if the answer provided needs to be changed? Can we track the questions and answers to proactively identify new trends in questions? What if our industry uses words in a different way form the general public?”

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Image: Courtesy Cogito