Semantics in HIT: Improving Safety, Efficiency, & Effectiveness

Kathleen Roney of Becker Hospital Review reports, "Many hospitals and healthcare systems know the value that technology can provide for patient safety, clinical quality and overall decision making. But, they face enormous challenges when it comes to accessing and organizing information so it is available when they need it. Too often, hospitals are blocked by silo'd data reporting, lackluster HIT infrastructure and inadequate tools… For those hospitals and health systems that need help beginning the research and analysis phase, here are eight HIT infrastructure tools and software services to consider."

Roney lists HealthLogix: "HealthLogix is an HIE platform by Certify Data Systems, a provider of health information exchange services, that utilizes a network approach to offer multiple system configurations, including cloud-based options. HealthLogix accesses patient records via clinician dashboards and features on-demand sharing, patient and physician registry, identify management, data view filtering and customized consent policies, according to Certify Data System's website."

She also points to xPatterns: "xPatterns C.A.C. is an semantic search big data analytics platform provided by Atigeo, a technology company, which offers hospitals insights into their data. This platform specializes in the transition to ICD-10 by focusing on coding speed and accuracy with recommended coder sets, according to Christopher Burgess, CSO and COO of Atigeo. 'Using natural language processing and proprietary smart pattern matching technologies, xPatterns C.A.C. automatically generates clinical codes directly from encounter notes (code categories supported are: clinical codes ICD9 and ICD10; grouping codes DRP APC, E&M; compliance codes NCCI edits, OCE, MCE, MUE; and reimbursement codes RVU). xPatterns C.A.C. is being launched at the [American Health Information Management Association] trade show Oct. 1,' says Mr. Burgess."

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Image: Courtesy Certify