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#SemTechBiz Keynote: Semantics – the B2C Game Changer (Video)

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Bill Guinn, CTO, AmdocsBill Guinn, CTO Product Enablers, Amdocs Product Business Unit, delivered a keynote at the 2011 Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco. His talk was one of the highlights for anyone interested in how Semantic Technology can be used in enterprise systems.

“I truly believe that semantics can be a game changer in just about any B2C model.” – Bill Guinn, Amdocs

Amdocs, a company focused on innovating in the space of Customer Experience Systems, is a $3 Billion company that provides customer care, revenue management, and operational support for large telecommunications companies. To do this requires heavy duty transaction processing systems, with Amdocs processing a few billion transactions per day, resulting in petabytes of information. In his keynote, Mr. Guinn addressed how Amdocs leveraged Semantic Technology to “improve revenue, reduce cost, and improve customer satisfaction.”

The full keynote is presented in the video below.

Why did Amdocs pursue a semantic solution?

Mr. Guinn says, “We asked ourselves,’What’s the next level?’ and we realized that what we really want to be able to do is to provide an intentional customer experience. Every interaction with a customer has to be choreographed. For every interaction with a customer, we need to have intelligence, in the moment, to know what to do. [We need] to make sure that experience is relevant to the customer; that they’re satisfied with that experience; that if there’s a revenue opportunity, we’ve seized it; and that we’ve streamlined that operation, because cost is always an issue.”

To see even more specifics about Amdocs and the work Franz, Inc. did with the AIDA system mentioned by Bill Guinn, see this webcast we recorded last December with Bill’s colleague Craig Hanson and Jans Aasman from Franz.

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