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Semantics, Unstructured Data, & Business Value

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Luca Scagliarini of Smart Data Collective recently wrote, “Semantic technology is able to understand a text in a way that emulates human comprehension of information.”

unstructured data

Luca Scagliarini of Expert System recently wrote, “Semantic technology is able to understand a text in a way that emulates human comprehension of information… More importantly, it also comprehends conversational language and all its ambiguities (slang, abbreviations, multi-language text) to arrive at an understanding of not just words, but the user’s intention. A good example of this at work can be seen in the recent analysis that the social research firm Sociometra conducted using over 30,000 comments made on social media of tourist destinations (museums, monuments, etc.) and general comments about the city of Rome, Italy. The analysis showcases the technology’s power for analyzing unstructured text and its strength in establishing connections between not just words, but more importantly, concepts.”


He continues, “In the business domain, there is a constant need for analysts to understand more and more information. And while there are plenty of good systems to analyze structured data, it requires the constant development (and anticipation of) new lists of keywords and information to train the system so that it is able to discover and share strategic links and patterns between unstructured information and data points within their large databases… Is semantics the panacea for every analyst then? Of course not. Keywords can be useful but we are aware of their limitations. Integrating semantics with keyword technology through faceted search is a hybrid solution that helps further refine search along different paths according to a certain order or category and it could be a solution to start the migration to a full semantic search.”


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Image: Courtesy Smart Data Collective


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