Seme4 Introduces See UK

An interesting new app has emerged from Seme4: “See UK is a simple visualisation of data that has geographic aspects and has been published as machine-interpretable Linked Data. See UK uses data that has been sourced from and processed into Linked Data where necessary, but is also designed to be able to use other sources where available. All the datasets are then enriched, by calculating area totals from point data and inferring aggregate values for regions that do not have explicit data values, and further enriched by establishing linkage between the datasets. These enriched datasets are available directly from the EnAKTing Project, and can be accessed using the links below.”

The article continues, “The visualisation provides a view centred on a chosen region of the specified size, and most noticeably gives a ‘pie-chart’ that shows the viewer how that region compares with similar regions around it. It is thus designed to focus on the information most relevant to the user. Colour indicates the ‘worst’ (red) and ‘best’ (green) areas from those shown. This pie-chart is shown in preference to simply colouring the map itself, as a coloured map confuses the map features with the data being visualised. It also gives some context of the real geography involved, so that a full picture is seen. The user can navigate by looking and clicking on the pie-chart, or the map, and can thus move around using whatever view they are taking of the data presentation. A search by postcode functionality is also supported, aiding the user in finding specific locations.”

See UK is the result of a collaboration between the EnAKTing Project and Seme4, a company founded by Dame Wendy Hall and Nigel Shadbolt.

Image: Courtesy Seme4