SemTech Spotlight: Civet

In the days leading up to this year’s Semantic Technology Conference, we’ve been highlighting several products that will be featured at the conference. Today we turn the spotlight on Civet, a new product from Knowledge Hives to be presented by Sebastian Ryszard Kruz and Arkadius Kwosa: “Civet uses NLP techniques to determine the keywords in the provided text. But it does not stop there: it analyzes these words and determines the most appropriate meanings linked to concepts from vocabularies, such as WordNet and Polish version of the OpenThesaurus, both published as RDF/SKOS graphs on Linked Open Data.”

The article continues, “Civet also discovers names of people and places, and uses other LOD sources, such as DBPedia or GeoNames, to annotate these names with concepts from those vocabularies. The initial plain text becomes an RDFa document with key words, phrases and names referencing Linked Open Data concepts. Civet uses repository of previously analyzed texts to recommend semantically similar texts to the given one.”

Learn more about Civet at SemTech 2011 this June in San Francisco. It’s not too late to register!

Image: Courtesy SemTech 2011