#SemTech Spotlight: Inform

Marc Hadfield, Chief Technology Officer of Inform will be at SemTech 2011 to present the Inform Service. According to the article, “Inform Technologies provides semantic services that deliver the rich metadata used for selecting content and ads for publisher customers including CNN, CBS Interactive, and the New York Daily News. Inform is also applied to user-generated content, such as the Yuku network of sites, which includes over 40,000 forums, 10 million registered users, and more than 1 billion pieces of short-form content.”

The article continues, “The Inform service extracts Topics–what the text is ‘about’–from content, as well as Entities–the people, places, products and organizations mentioned in the text. This information is used to build relationships across content, return related information to users, and to generate vibrant subject pages that group content about specific topics and entities together. Through the Inform AdContext Service, this semantic metadata can additionally be used to fine-tune ad selection and make ads more topically relevant to the content. Inform has also recently launched technologies that take personalization to the next level, using the Interest Graph to drive content and ad selection.”

Image: Courtesy Inform