SEO, PPC and Semantics in 2014: What to Expect

Carragh McKenna_0

Katie McQuater of The Drum recently wrote, "As part of The Drum's most recent Search supplement, a cross-section of experts from the search marketing industry give their predictions for the space in the year ahead." McQuater starts with Caragh McKenna, Group Account Director of The Search Agency. McKenna states, "With the introduction of Hummingbird in September online marketers have been abuzz with conjecture on how it will affect site rankings and what it will mean as semantic search evolves to saturate organic search results. In reality semantic search has been merging into users search results over the past two years. Google has been tweaking it’s algorithm to increasingly use semantic and conversational cues to associate related results moving to more user friendly search results with less focus on the ‘primary keyword’."


Luke Smith, founder of Croud continues, "Google seems to finally be getting to where Ask Jeeves marketed itself as being over a decade ago (and the USS enterprise was in the 60s). This isn’t life imitating art however, it’s a natural progression – the logical next step in ordering data. As The Google algorithm continues to respond more accurately to the nuances of human language, searching will become more natural to the user and more problematic to companies employing ‘ SEO tactics’. The real winners in 2014 will be site owners that configure their on page content to capture these longer search queries and align their mobile strategy to benefit from the boost this will give to mobile search. For the user, semantic search will continue to evolve as a lifestyle assistant – it’s easy to think of Google Now as a voice activated PA in your pocket."


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Image: Courtesy The Drum