SEO Terms to Know for Web 3.0

A recent article directed at SEO (search engine optimization) professionals gives insight into some emerging terms that are coinciding with the development of Web 3.0. According to the article, “A cornucopia of recent changes all over the web (Google included) are directed at making the internet a more Web 3.0 (semantic) friendly place cluttered with less spam.” Knowledge of the discussed terms should help SEO professionals stay up-to-date with Web 3.0 and out of trouble with Google.

The terms that the article discusses include micro formats, deep link ratio, rich snippets, and LDA (latent dirichlet allocation.) The article itself doesn’t do much to explain each of these terms and their relevance to Web 3.0, but it does link out to a number of helpful resources on each term.

For more on semantic technology’s influence on SEO check out this recent webcast: “Maximizing your Google SEO Effect with Semantic Web Technology.”

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ smemon87