Session Spotlight: Search Engine Marketing in a Semantic World

Panels are always among the most exciting and informative events at the Semantic Technology and Business Conference, and the panels at next month's conference in San Francisco will be no exception. One of the most anticipated panels will happen at 3:45 on Tuesday, June 4, at 3:45. Search Engine Marketing in a Semantic World will examine a number of questions, including:

  • Does the semantic web represent the beginning of the end of search engine optimization as we know it, or does the search engines’ adoption of semantic web technologies only add an additional dimension to search marketing without significantly impacting the fundamentals of SEO?
  • Does the search engines’ drive to encourage structured data uses put sites not employing it at a disadvantage, and how far should the search engines go to ensure the search visibility of valuable sites not employing semantic web technologies?
  • Is the view that employing and structured data is “doing the work of the search engines for them,” valid, or is the drive to have publishers to improve the quality of their machine-readable data mutually beneficial?

The Panel

Aaron Bradley, Internet Marketer - InfoMine, Inc. Aaron Bradley is an in-house internet marketer based in Vancouver, BC, specializing in organic search engine optimization for enterprise-level websites. Aaron has worked at improving the search visibility for sites in numerous industries, including gaming, ecommerce and news. A former librarian, Aaron has had a keen interest in the semantic web for many years, and is a leading advocate of improving SEO through the application of structured data and other semantic web technologies. In addition to SEO, Aaron also works on information architecture, user interaction design, conversion optimization and website analytics.

Matthew Brown, Head of Special Projects - SEOmoz. Matthew Brown is a veteran digital strategist who has designed and implemented search marketing and audience development campaigns for dozens of companies, from Fortune 500 publishers and large e-commerce companies to emerging startups. His current role is Head of Special Projects at SEOmoz, a platform for inbound marketing analytics.

Barbara H. Starr, Semantic Web Strategist - AlgebraixData. Barbara Starr has had almost 30 years of experience working with semantics in industry. She left a teaching position at the University of South Africa after an offer to come to the States to build a semantically-based stock trading system in the financial industry on Wall Street. She has consulted in this technology in many other domains since, and has watched the evolution of the semantic web. She is currently the organizer of the San Diego Semantic web meetup group.

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