SindiceTech Announces Freebase Distribution in the Cloud (Video)


With the support of Google Developers, SindiceTech has announced the availability of its Freebase Distribution for the cloud. According to SindiceTech, "Freebase is an amazing data resource at the core of Google's 'Knowledge Graph'. Freebase data is available for full download but today, using it 'as a whole' is all but simple. The SindiceTech Freebase distribution solves that by providing all the Freebase knowledge preloaded in an RDF specific database (also called triplestore) and equipped with a set of tools that make it much easier to compose queries and understand the data as a whole."

Your Own Private Freebase

The article continues, "You basically get your own private freebase. This means you can query as much and as complex as you want, you won't be 'revealing out' what you're looking for, you won't be having external dependencies. More than that you can easily combine Freebase data with your own datasets and query the same in a unified manner. It's a great start to your own "Knowledge Graph". The distribution is packaged as a virtual machine snapshot that you can easily spin up in Google Cloud. Join our Google group and follow the instructions to get started and have it running in minutes."

Watch this video to learn more: