Sirdata Launches Third Party Data Targeting Tool

According to a new article on, "Paris-based tech firm Sirdata has launched a fully automated third party data collection and profiling platform for use in ad targeting. Founded last year, Sirdata specializes in the collection, targeting and sale of anonymous data - gathered from research, demographic profiling, behavioural studies, and online data on interests and intent to purchase. Currently the firm collects data from nearly four million unique visitors per day, while 20,000 publishers use its tags. The firm uses semantic tools to pinpoint specific audience behavioural profiles and tailor-make segments based on specific client requirements, while its Business Consulting & Data Analytics team helps clients gain insight into the behaviour of customers, identify the best prospects and select media and marketing investments to target the most valuable customers and maximise ROI."

The Sirdata website states, "SirData builds its data thanks to advanced semantic calculation algorithms developed by our team of data scientists. Profiling internet users is based on the compilation of various information on the online behavior of the user, notably words collected from research engines queries, visited webpages analysis and textual content tracking. SirData uses statistical algorithms to draw a link between this information and the user's interests and intentions."

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Image: Courtesy Sirdata