Siri's Latest Competition: Sivi

Ken Yeung of The Next Web reports, "People are getting busier by the day and often turn to technology to help them find smarter ways to be more productive. A consequence of this is that things get left behind or undone and then need to be taken care of. To a certain degree, Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant, was supposed to accomplish this. However, some say that it hasn’t done a good enough job and opens the door for other solutions. Today, Sivi launches to try and be the service that everyone needs."

He goes on, "Calling itself your personal concierge, this new service claims to offer quick delegation and completion of tasks all through phone, SMS messaging, and via the web. Starting at $5 per request, Sivi allows you to submit your requests and a human being on the other end will help you accomplish it. Tasks can include things like 'I’ve locked my keys in the trunk of my car. Who can I call for help?' or 'Does the tour bus I’m on in Italy stop at the Prada?'."

Yeung adds, "The brainchild of serial entrepreneur Nicholas Seet, who founded Auditude, one of the top five video ad platforms before selling it to Adobe in 2011, Sivi is focused on helping people who want to delegate busywork in order to help free up their time for more important things. It seeks to complement Siri while also taking advantage of issues that frustrates users, such as natural language comprehension and what Seet calls 'interfacing with the real world'. Unlike Siri though, his service isn’t integrating itself to other services like the calendar, email, phone, etc."

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Image: Courtesy Sivi