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Slides: Award Winning Data Governance

By   /  October 4, 2012  /  1 Comment

Watch the recording of this webinar HERE.

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About this Webinar

In this webinar, learn why Express Scripts, a leading pharmacy benefit manager with the nation’s largest mail order pharmacy operations is the winner of the 2012 Data Governance Best Practice Award.

The Data Governance and Stewardship Programs at Medco, now Express Scripts, were implemented in order to instill an enterprise-wide culture in which data is truly valued, protected, and deployed to its optimal advantage. The program was built on the bedrock foundation of a strong Data Quality Program and expanded to address the needs of an increasingly diverse enterprise.

We will describe some of the key differentiators of our program, including:

  • Our approach to obtaining and retaining executive sponsorship, including the use of “Sponsor Maps” to engage our internal sponsors and assure their on-going support for Data Governance
  • The close collaboration we have fostered with our internal partners such as Legal, Privacy & Compliance and IT, particularly with respect to MDM
  • Our comprehensive training and certification program for Data Stewards and establishment of a true Data Stewardship community of practice
  • The decision to focus on and adhere to critical industry best practices, adapting them to our environment and circumstances when needed, such as:
  • The development of custom guidelines for data definitions
  • In alignment with our Agile Software Development (SD) process, organizing our program development into a series of highly focused 90 day sprints

We will also describe the benefits that have accrued to the organization as a result of Data Governance. Some of the key benefits of data governance realized thus far are cost avoidance, increased revenue, reduced risk of inappropriate usage of data, and improved patient health (due to improved awareness of ‘gaps in care’), yielding what we consider our “trifecta” of benefits: to our patients, to our clients and to our organization.

Our overall goal was to achieve true culture change, transforming from a company that uses data to one that truly values data.

About the Speakers

Pat Branum, Vice President

Pat Branum has 20 years of experience with a Fortune 500 health care company developing and managing a full-scale data management and data quality operations.
As Vice President of Express Scripts (formerly Medco Health Solutions), Ms. Branum serves as Chief Data Steward responsible for the management of enterprise data domains to ensure the quality of data aligned with business requirements. In this capacity, she led the implementation of their award-winning Enterprise Data Governance program.
Ms. Branum’s other accomplishments include Master Data Management and CRM implementation, information product development and sales.

Eileen Koski, Director of Data Governance

Eileen Koski is the  Director of Data Governance at Express Scripts. She is esponsible for implementation and management of their award-winning Enterprise Data Governance program.

At Quest Diagnostics, Ms. Koski delivered innovative graphical laboratory reports and Big Data analytics including work on biosurveillance and pandemic preparedness. She also represented the laboratory industry in standards development organizations, government initiatives and task forces as a recognized subject matter expert on laboratory data and healthcare data standards.

Ms. Koski’s expertise is informed by her experience developing medical database and reporting systems, serving as Director of Operations on a large multi-center NIH-sponsored clinical trial and working on numerous projects involving health care research and technological innovation. Ms. Koski has numerous publications including both peer-reviewed journal articles and scientific book chapters.

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