Slides: Big Data Meets Customer Profitability Analytics

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About the Presentation

In today’s data-driven era of ‘Big Data” and related technology, the benefits of relentless “customer-centricity” are within our reach. Yet to unlock the benefits of applying Big Data to optimize customer profitability, companies need to master the old-fashioned but high-impact basics, and then use new data sources to extend the benefits they unlock from measuring customer profitability, customer lifetime value, and related metrics.

In this webinar, we will cover two key themes:

  1. What makes Customer Profitability an “Evergreen” capability, reliably unlocking profits more then 30 years after it was first developed?
  2. In what ways does the “Big Data Era” extend the benefits companies are unlocking from Customer Profitability Analytics?


About the Speaker

Profile: The Founder and President of Fitzgerald Analytics, Jaime has developed a distinctively quantitative, fact-based, and transparent approach to solving high stakes problems and improving results.  His approach enables translation of Data to Dollars™ using methodologies clients can repeat again and again.  He is equally passionate about the “human side of the equation,” and is known for his ability to link the human and the quantitative, both of which are needed to achieve optimal results.  His clients range from Wall Street banks to innovative non-profits and social entrepreneurs, a reflection of Jaime’s belief in the universal benefits of Data, Analytics, and Technology innovation.

Experience: During more than 15 years serving clients as a management strategy consultant, Jaime has focused on customer experience and loyalty, customer profitability, technology strategy, information management, and business process improvement.  Jaime has advised market-leading banks, retailers, manufacturers, media companies, and non-profit organizations in the United States, Canada, and Singapore, combining strategic analysis with hands-on implementation of technology and operations enhancements.

Career History: Jaime began his career at First Manhattan Consulting Group, specialists in financial services and pioneers in development of customer profitability methodologies. He was later a Co-Founder at Novantas, the strategy consultancy based in New York City.  Jaime was also a Manager for Braun Consulting, now part of Fair Isaac Corporation, and for Japan-based Abeam Consulting, now part of NEC.  Jaime is a graduate of Harvard University in Economics.

Check out Jaime’s DATAVERSITY blogs HERE.

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