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Smarten Up Your Content

By   /  February 27, 2014  /  No Comments

mmrby Jennifer Zaino

What’s your content smarts? Chances are they’re not as strong as you’d like them to be.

Research this month from MindMetre Research shows that 89 percent of organizations believe they need to gain greater insight into their growing volumes of unstructured data to improve their commercial advantages and gain a competitive edge. That insight into such data, the research reports, could feed a number of business-boosting scenarios. “This content can be used to provide insights for proposals and projects, to inform business relationships, to enable collaboration, to avoid repetition of research, to repurpose content, and generally to streamline the flow of enterprise knowledge and avoid replication of work already done,” says Paul Lindsell, Managing Director of MindMetre.

What’s stopping companies from gaining such benefits isn’t simply the fact that there’s more unstructured data than ever before, which is the case for 85 percent of large organizations, according to the research. Rather, for most companies – 71 percent — it’s that the data is fragmented and dispersed, in disparate formats.

Fifty-six percent also cite that information is either not meta-tagged/marked-up, or that it is ineffectively tagged, so that it’s difficult for the system to find what people are looking for.

“Existing enterprise information management and storage applications and related tools (for example, Microsoft SharePoint/ FAST, Apache Lucene/ Solr, Oracle, Google Search Appliance) don’t provide the level of content intelligence that organizations need to really extract value efficiently from their unstructured information,” says Lindsell. The native search capabilities built into these systems have gaps that “include weak classification capabilities and taxonomy management functions, an inability to apply consistent and updated metadata across diverse and disparate information sources, and a lack of specialized search functions that enable users to pinpoint very specialized enterprise data.”

Change The Game

So, how to take Big Data volume and its unstructured companion, Big Content, and imbue it with Content Intelligence, which MindMetre defines as making relevant content easily and quickly accessible to those who need it? To improve performance and productivity, the report says, invest in systems that can automatically and accurately categorize, meta-tag and mark-up unstructured data so that its value can be harnessed. Adds Lindsell, “organizations need to infuse their enterprise information systems with semantic search capability, which is at the heart of content intelligence.”

Fortunately, the research firm reports, there is an emerging class of solutions able to move the content intelligence needle. There are several bolt-on systems that sit alongside Microsoft SharePoint/ FAST, Apache Lucene/ Solr, Oracle, and Google Search Appliance, to infuse these with content intelligence to ensure much better application of ontologies/taxonomies and accurate classification of information archives and new documents, Lindsell notes.

“Content intelligence enhances systems such as these with auto-classification, text analytics and visualization capabilities,” he says, “which enable a platform to deliver a user experience that addresses searchers’ intent so that extraneous documents can be filtered out during the ‘find’ process and relevant content that might normally fall outside the search parameters can be included.”



About the author

Jennifer Zaino is a New York-based freelance writer specializing in business and technology journalism. She has been an executive editor at leading technology publications, including InformationWeek, where she spearheaded an award-winning news section, and Network Computing, where she helped develop online content strategies including review exclusives and analyst reports. Her freelance credentials include being a regular contributor of original content to The Semantic Web Blog; acting as a contributing writer to RFID Journal; and serving as executive editor at the Smart Architect Smart Enterprise Exchange group. Her work also has appeared in publications and on web sites including EdTech (K-12 and Higher Ed), Ingram Micro Channel Advisor, The CMO Site, and Federal Computer Week.

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