SmarterEmails Can Help You Better Manage your Inbox

CloudTweaks has named French company Kwaga one of the top 25 European Cloud Computing Rising Stars, and with good reason: “Web-based email services and applications are considered a classic example of cloud-based solutions offered by a large number of providers. Kwaga, however, goes a step beyond traditional cloud email services and offers a solution based off applied computational linguistics, which is able to understand email texts and take appropriate actions depending on the type and content of the message.”

Kwaga’s semantic toolkit, SmarterEmails is available on the Google Apps Marketplace. SmarterEmails is “a cloud-based solution that determines the relative importance of email messages… Kwaga claims that its proprietary semantic technology understands email text, detecting urgency, action requests, deadlines, contact details, etc. More interesting functionality is the ability of SmarterEmails to detect open-issues, meeting proposals and cancellations, and invoices.”

According to the article, an added advantage of SmarterEmails is Kwaga’s “lack of ambition to create a standalone email application but to focus on what they do best – semantic analysis. Therefore, SmarterEmails is able to work inside various email applications.”

Image: Courtesy Kwaga